The School Infrastructure:

Colonel Academy has a three Storied building which serves academic purposes. Extended to it is a Junior block and an administrative block . In the academic block , we have a well Equipped library, Computer lab.

Other Buildings:       colonel academy???????????????????????????????IMG_1404???????????????????????????????

  • 01 Hostels
  • 01 Cadets’ Mess
  • 01 K.G. School
  • 01 Auditorium
  • 01 Open Air Theater
  • 01 M.I. Room
  • 10 Teachers Quarters
  • 01 Guest House
  •  Administrative Staff Quarters
  •  GE’s Quarters
  • 01 Swimming Pool
  • 02  Garage
  • 01 Parents Rest Shed


According to the words of Swami Vivekananda we have confined the children not only in books and studies but also in different spheres of games and sports like cricket, Handball, Football, Volleyball, Badminton, Physical Training and Gymnastics. This has resulted helping the students to take part in Lions Quest Club Art Competition, Olympiad examination, Science Congress(Which is the National Level) in various schools in Bihar  as well outside the state.  


  • 03 Football
  • 02 Basketball
  • 02 Handball
  • 02 Volleyball
  • 01 Swimming Pool
  • 01 Childresn's Park

The Swimming Pool :



CCA’s serve to promote variety of activities which all students  must attend alongside the standard study curriculum. We organize inter house debate, quiz, extempore speech, dramatics, elocution, Mock Parliament, penmanship and recitation. These competitions imbibe in them important qualities such as leadership, healthy recreation, self discipline and self confidence:
  • Essay Writing (English, Hindi) (Senior, Junior, Sub Junior)
  • Quiz (Senior, Junior, Sub Junior)
  • English Elocution (Senior)
  • English Debate (Senior, Junior)
  • Short Story writing (English, Hindi, Assamese) (Senior, Junior, Sub Junior)
  • English and Hindi Extempore speech
  • Recitation (English, Hindi, Assamese) (Junior, Sub Junior)
  • Hindi Debate (Senior, Junior)
  • English  Debate (Senior, Junior)
  • Art (Senior, Junior, Sub Junior)
  • Brains’ Trust
  • Open GK (Senior, Junior, Sub Junior)
  • Mock Parliament (Senior)
  • English Penmanship (Senior, Junior, Sub Junior)
    • Caption writing
    • Transcription
    • Cover Design

 IT Infrastructure :

photo0090 photo0083photo0085 In the session 2015-2016, it is the first time that our school “Colonels Academy” has collaborated with “NIIT”. Since, the scenario of both teaching and learning keeps on changing by the day so, NIIT came ahead and programmed its own software, which is completely based on the digital way of teaching- learning. The advantage of using this offline application package is that, it allows us to use real-time application oriented software. e.g GIMP, Picasa, JAVA, Pivot Animator, Sketch up make and many more. The most interesting feature about this software package is, at the same time, it gives us opportunity to learn the theory part of the related topic and to apply the same on computer, which enhances the technical skill of each and every student. NIIT is also going to provide each student a learning certificate at the end of the session, which will be completely based upon the performance of the student. At last on behalf of all the Colians. I, want to say thanks to our school, which has decided to engage this NIIT IT Wizard plus Solution so that our technical skills can be improved.